How many people can be seated around a table?

  • 6 foot rectangular: 6-8
  • 8 foot rectangular: 8-10
  • 60 inch round: 6-8
  • 72 inch round: 8-10

What size stage do you have?

Our stage comes in 4'x8' sections that can be connected together to built bigger stages. For example if you need a 12'x16' you would need 6 sections.

What size dance floor do I need?

That is based on the number of guests you are inviting.

  • 75 people need 12'x12'
  • 100 people need 12'x15'
  • 125 people need 15'x15'
  • 150 people need 18'x18'

We live out far out of town or on the Reservation. Can we still rent items and take them that far out of town?

Absolutely. We have people from all over Northern Arizona rent from us.

How many people can a 20'x20' tent hold?

  • 6' rectangular table up to 60 people.
  • 8' rectangular table up to 54 people.

How many people can a 20'x30' tent hold?

  • 6' rectangular table up to 100 people.
  • 8' rectangular table up to 90 people.

How big of a generator do I need?

The easiest way to calculate this is to make a list of all the items you want to run along with their wattage. For example:

  • Snocone Machine 972 watts
  • Popcorn Machine 1200 watts
  • Cotton Candy Machine 1080 watts
  • Total 3252 watts

We would recommend our 4300 watt Subaru Inverter Generator.

If your appliance or tool does not list the wattage you can calculate it: Volts times Amps equals Watts

For example a 9 amp tool at 120 volts would be 9x12 = 1080 watts.

How long do I get to keep the table and chairs I rented?

Typical party rental is 3 days or 72 hours from the time of pick up. If you need additional time, we can work with you on it.

How long will helium balloons float/last?

Balloons filled at this elevation (6500 ft. and above) will only last between 4 to 6 hours with good, quality helium grade balloons.

Is your dance floor only designed for indoor use?

No, it can also be used outdoors. A solid surface is required for under the dance floor. A sub-floor can be constructed under the dance floor if needed.

If you deliver my order does this include setup of tables and chairs?

Delivery charge covers basic delivery to the site with items dropped at the tailgate. Basic delivery charge does not include setup or long distance carry. Setup, long distance carry or any other special needs must be arranged prior to delivery. There will be additional charges for these services.

I need to sand my deck. What kind of sander do I need?

First check the condition of your deck. If it is in bad shape or has warping, you'll need a drum sander. If your deck is in pretty good shape and the boards are all even, then you'll need a 12"x18" orbital sander.