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VividLite Shadowbox Lighting System

VividLite Shadowbox Lighting System


Whether you are a wedding DJ, a professional videographer, or someone who just likes mood lighting at night, smart lighting is something everyone can benefit from. For a bright and vibrant lighting experience check out ShadowBox by VividLite.

ShadowBox is an all-purpose, battery-powered and color-adjustable, 1200 Lumen wireless LED smart lamp that is perfect for any lighting situation. With an average run time of eight to twelve hours on a full charge, ShadowBox is packed with lighting features including fades, flashes and strobes – along with an endless amount of color options. Lights can be run individually with the supplied remote control or as a group using the Shadowbox APP* on your Smart Phone. 


Unit includes-

  • 6 White Shadowbox LED lights
  • Shadowhub Wireless Radio Transmitter
  • 6 light Hard case with charging accesories.

* Shadowbox APP available on ITunes and Google Play Store.


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