Halloween Party Rental Suggestions

Halloween Party Rental Suggestions

Planning a big party might be scary, but there’s nothing to be frightened of when you choose the right party rentals for the ultimate Halloween bash. Good rental strategies can help you prepare for your guests and add some special spooky touches to create a memorable event.

Top Party Rentals for Halloween

There are many creative ways you can use rental equipment for a fantastic Halloween party. Top options include renting…

  • Tents – Add space to your party and still enjoy the fall evening when you use tents to define the event area. Choose tents with sides that can be folded back to catch autumn breezes, but the sides can be closed if it becomes too chilly.
  • Heaters – If Halloween is a cooler holiday, outdoor heaters can create a more comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. Heaters can also help you extend the festivities long past sunset without getting too cold.
  • Movie Screen and Projector – High-definition movie projectors and supersize screens can add a great activity to your Halloween party, whether you want to show a classic horror film or a family-friendly spooky flick.
  • Sound System – Whether you plan to show a movie at your party or just want some low volume spooky sounds to set a mood, a good sound system can be a great addition to your Halloween party atmosphere.
  • Linens – Create an elegant, coordinated look for your Halloween party by renting tablecloths, runners, and napkins in autumn colors. Crimson, yellow, gray, black, purple, maroon, orange, wine, and brown are all popular choices.
  • Tables and Chairs – Ensure you have enough seating for all your guests with extra tables and chairs. Also consider renting buffet tables for food service, or smaller tables for activity stations if necessary.
  • Inflatables – Different inflatables can be great activities or decorations for a Halloween party. Halloween-themed bounce houses may be available, as well as oversized spiders, ghosts, ghouls, and other fun décor.
  • Chocolate Fountain – Give your guests an extra treat when you rent a chocolate fountain. For the best Halloween fun, use white chocolate colored with red food dye for a blood-like flow ideal for spooky dipping.
  • Dishes and Glassware – Create a coordinated look by renting dishes, cutlery, and glassware. You can match a Halloween theme with different dish styles to add subtle details to the overall ambience of your event.
  • Fog Machine – Add a spooky atmosphere to any Halloween party with a fog machine. This can work well in any enclosed space, including tents, and will create an eerie scene for your guests to enjoy, but take care that the fog is not so thick that it could be distracting.
  • Lighting – Get frightful with your lighting by renting candelabras, torches, lanterns, candle holders, light strands, or other illumination options. Consider themed bulbs in warm amber, red, or even black light for more Halloween flair.
  • Concession Machines – Give your guests nostalgic treats when you rent concession machines. Consider delicious options such as mini-donuts, cotton candy, funnel cakes, soft pretzels, candy apples, or other fall fare for trick-free treats.
  • Props – Many rental companies offer interesting props that can create a fun focal point for any party. For a Halloween event, look for crazy skeletons, full-size coffins, oversized vampires or other monsters, or barren trees to add unique touches to your party.

Choosing Your Halloween Party Rentals

With so many options for Halloween party rentals, how can you select which accents, accessories, equipment, and decorations are best for your event? First, decide on an overall theme or color scheme to narrow down the appropriate options. Know what types of rentals your venue can support, such as tent sizes, guest capacity, or power availability. Understand your guest list, and adjust the overall scariness level of your party to suit your guests without overwhelming them.

When you rent items, be sure you thoroughly understand the terms of the rental contract, including how to use the equipment properly, who may be responsible for delivery, setup, and pickup after the event, and what to do in case troubleshooting may be necessary. Above all, take care to rent items early so you have plenty of options for your party and can get the items you want most.

A Halloween party can be a fun time, and choosing the right party rentals can add even more trick-or-treat ambience to the event with ease.