Using a log splitter

Using a log splitter

Sometimes you may just get sick of swinging that heavy axe when you’re trying to make your firewood. You may be thinking that there has to be a better option. Well there is. Renting a log splitter is a good option to save time and effort. When you do get it, here are the steps you need to take to use it:

Safety first
As always, you will want to make sure safety is your first concern. The splitter should be on a flat surface, without any wobbling, and you should be wearing work gloves and safety glasses when you begin.

Check your equipment

The three different versions of this machine are gasoline, hydraulic and corded. With whatever model you have, check to be sure that they are operating properly. This includes things such as being lubricated and having enough gas and oil. If you have a corded version, be sure that the cord will be out of your way and cannot trip you.

Loading the splitter

Make sure there aren’t any small branches coming off your log. This could affect how flush it is to the machine and make for an awkward cut. If you’re using a motorized splitter, put the log you are splitting against the wedge, clear away from the splitter and press the button to operate the wedge until the log is completely split. You would repeat this until you have the desired quantity and size cut that you want.