Tent Decorating Ideas to Make Your Next Party a Hit

Tent Decorating Ideas to Make Your Next Party a Hit

Tents can add fast, easy shelter to any party venue, whether you are hosting a garden wedding, birthday celebration, casual luncheon, graduation party, neighborhood barbecue or any other type of event. Plain, simple tents, however, can look bland or drab, but fortunately, there are many amazing ways to decorate a tent to add flair and elegance to any event.

12 Tent Decorating Options for Any Party

While the exact way you’ll choose to decorate a tent will depend on different factors such as the type of tent, the event you’re planning, your budget and the atmosphere you want to create, there are many creative options to choose from.

  1. Light It Up
    Adding lights to a tent gives an ethereal glow to the location. String lights and fairy lights are popular choices, but you could also choose hanging lanterns or globes, clusters of Edison bulbs, net lights or even crystal chandeliers for a truly awe-inspiring accent.

  2. Do It With Draping
    How a tent is arranged can make a big difference to its appearance. A tent with extra ripples, folds and swags is more luxurious, and the extra fabric adds texture and grace to the tent’s structure. For even more flair, use different colors for extra distinction.

  3. Multi-Colored Tents
    Opting for a tent with several colors automatically adds a decorative touch to your party setting. You could accessorize a white or neutral tent with a bold pop of colorful swags or buntings, or choose a tent with coordinating or contrasting colors for a fun feel.

  4. Clever Colorizing
    If you choose a plain tent, you can add color to it in many ways. Streamers, greenery, ivy and floral garlands can be wrapped around support poles or draped from beams to add bursts of color that will turn even the plainest tent into a brilliant venue.

  5. Incompletely Complete
    Consider using a partial tent for your party setup, leaving sections open to the outside to allow natural vistas to be a part of your scenery. This is ideal for a garden or other scenic setting, and panels can be tied back or dropped as needed in case of inclement weather.

  6. Try Textures
    Instead of a tent constructed of one material, opt for several fabrics, including sheer or transparent options to give the tent a more interesting structure. Different textures can also add a luxurious feel, help control light or even foster breezes into the tent space.

  7. Go Bold With Balloons
    Balloons are a quick, fun way to decorate a party tent. Helium balloons can be floated to the top of a tent with ease to hide structural beams and add colorful flair, or balloons can be wrapped around pillars, tied to corners or bent into arches for extra color anywhere.

  8. Screens in Motion
    Use the large panels of your tent as impromptu movie screens to show a photo slideshow or moving light show for instant decorations. Other options include projecting a company logo or even an informational presentation directly onto the tent.

  9. Dramatic Height
    Tents give you plenty of vertical space to decorate with, so don’t be afraid of using extra-tall centerpieces or hanging centerpieces that will help fill that space. This type of decorating can be stunning and dramatic without making the space feel crowded or overfull.

  10. Don’t Forget the Floor
    If you don’t plan a floor for your tent, you’re missing a fantastic decorating opportunity. Outdoor rugs or portable dance floors are popular options, or you can delineate aisles or other spaces with simple floor decorations, potted plants or other accents.

  11. Amazing Entrances
    An amazingly decorated tent demands an amazing entrance to greet your guests. Arches, trellises, topiaries and pillars are just a few options. Luminarias can light the pathway to your tent, and outdoor signs or welcome boards can be other great decorations.

  12. Top It Off
    Give your tent a finishing touch by decorating the exterior so it looks just as amazing outside as it does inside. Flags are a fun option for the top of a tent, or securely fastened balloons can be a festive choice. Garlands can also be strung along the outer edges of the tent to give it better visual appeal from all angles.

With so many stunning options to decorate a party tent, it’s easy to go overboard and overwhelm your guests. Consider your choices carefully and pick decorations that will coordinate with your event without clashing with the mood you hope to create and the purpose of the party. With the right tent decorations, your next party is sure to be a hit with all your guests!