Rent the Equipment You Need For Your Summer Celebration

Rent the Equipment You Need For Your Summer Celebration

The lawnmowers (and the bees) are buzzing away. A sure sign that summer is just about here. The weekends during the next few months are precious and everyone wants to make the most of them. As we think of the sunshine and blue skies ahead, now is the time to plan our summer celebrations with friends, family and co-workers.

The events may vary; you could be preparing for your annual family reunion, a graduation, a wedding, your child’s birthday party, or the annual summer company cookout –just to name a few. Regardless of the event, as plans are made, questions always come up:

  • What can we do this year to keep the kids occupied?
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Beer) may be ok, but is “Bring Your Own Table” asking too much?
  • If it rains, do we have enough cover for everybody?
  • Will the food be hot or cold?
  • Will we go with a theme this year for the corporate party?
  • Will Chuck from Accounting survive the dunk tank this time?


Any of the above mentioned celebrations could be made easier and stress free by renting what you need. From tables, chairs, dishes, linens, to tents and canopies; rental takes care of the basic needs to get any gathering off the ground. But where the power of renting really shines is within the variety of equipment that can make a celebration unique. Consider these ideas for your next summer celebration:

Family Reunions
For your next family reunion, in addition to the tables and chairs that can be rented, how about a video screen and projector for a constant slide show of family photos and home movies? Rent games to keep the entire family entertained: Volleyball, horseshoes, croquette, and an inflatable bounce house for the kids. A long tug-of-war rope is another great idea for competitive family fun. Since multiple generations usually attend family reunions, consider needs for both the young and elderly alike. Ensure there is proper shade by choosing a tent, canopy or umbrellas for your loved ones. Keep them even cooler by selecting a powerful pedestal or tent fan.

Company Parties
Depending on how formal the affair is, select linens and dishes to set the tone. Large tents for eating are always a good thing, but consider also using large umbrellas scattered throughout. A little shade at each area can ensure that everyone is comfortably enjoying themselves throughout the event location. Chuck can try his luck sitting in a dunk tank, or maybe even the boss will give it a try. An inflatable obstacle course is always great for friendly competition and a dance floor with a sound system is sure to be a hit. Interested in themes? Ask our experts and we’ll be happy to go over your ideas.

Children’s Parties
For about the cost of the same clown who came last year to make the same balloon animals, the kids at your next party can instead be having the time of their lives jumping in a bounce house or gliding down an inflatable water slide. Depending on the age group involved, consider more challenging choices, such as obstacle courses, rock climbing walls and laser tag. You could even round out the theme park feel with cotton candy, sno-cone, hot dog and popcorn concession machines.

Give us a call today and we’ll do all we can to make your summer celebration fun, fresh and memorable. Our friendly and experienced staff will be happy to help with whatever you need.